The Ultimate List of Top 4 Platforms to Sell online Courses

The potential for online learning has thrived and evolved over the years, thanks to the dramatic technological advances. Today, the online course domain has become so lucrative that most course creators are making six figures income each month on autopilot. The procedure of creating an online course is pretty easy.

Take a topic or subject matter you’re familiar with or have an affinity with, package it up, put it on an e-commerce store, right in the middle of a plethora of customers who are available each day and night scavenging for this information. If you truly connect with these customers, they will buy. The benefit of these online platforms is that you’re at liberty to host any course material, for instance, text, images, and videos. The only question is: Which online platforms are the best to sell your online courses? Well, here is a rundown on the top 4 platforms you can leverage:

One of the easiest e-commerce platforms to use in the industry. It offers great customer service and explains you what you must to through the process of creating your website and online store. If you have no idea where to start, then this platform is definitely for you. They also offer a large variety of tools and services to optimize your online business.

  • Sell online through Udemy

Udemy is, by far, the largest and most popular e-commerce platform for building and selling online courses. With Udemy, you can sell nearly any course you can think of, from learning foreign languages to creating scintillating web designs.  Udemy boasts of a robust community of students to help you push through your online course sales faster. However, there is a catch: Udemy chops off 50% of your revenue whenever they make a sale for you. On the contrary, if you manage to bring a student to the Udemy platform, you get your revenue 100 percent.

Udemy has somewhat cut its niche in selling video courses, but you’re at liberty to upload other course materials like audios and PDF files. Prices of these online courses can range from free to $299 plus, but some course creators offer pretty good discounts. The quality of content in Udemy varies considerably. Udemy store has initiated a rating system that enables students to find quality content. A student can find beneficial courses at Udemy that can turn around their career.

  • Take advantage of Teachable online store to easily sell your online courses

Teachable was set up, primarily, to address the drawbacks of Udemy. Teachable offers the easiest way to develop and sell courses online. It’s so simple; you only need to set up your site, configure the look to your liking, upload your online course, and within the hour, you’re ready to do business online. They don’t have the time and resources to develop a spellbinding learning management system. In essence, Teachable is more centered on branding and uniqueness, as against cookie clutter templates common with platforms like Udemy. The good thing about Teachable is that support comes in multiple languages and the synchronized blog offers you a greater opportunity to enhance SEO.

Another key aspect of Teachable is discussions and quizzes forums that attract and retain people in the platform. The marketing tools are also out of this world. You get solutions for email marketing, landing pages, coupons, and affiliate programs. On top of that, they offer international payment gateways. The prices of courses at Teachable range from $29 to $299 each month.

    • Thinkific is a minimalistic e-commerce store to create and sell your online courses

Thinkific is as simple as you can get when looking to set up and sell online courses. The feel of their online store is professional. It’s an established website, thanks to more than 10 years in operation. Thinkific has incredible course interface, coupled with a complete feature-set, which comes along with an impeccable price tag. Their website is minimalistic, and they center more on the course interface. Thinkific have a free plan, which might not be valuable in the long run. If you have some money to spend, you’re better off subscribing to Teachable or Udemy. However, it’s a serious competitor to the two established platforms.

      • Academy of mine offers a unique angle when looking to sell online

Academy of mine makes our top five of the best platforms in regards to creating and selling online courses. It’s an all-in-one platform that allows you to launch your online course and start selling. You are even free to choose from a completely hosted template that offers a range of tools such as landing pages, course offering pages and galleries without getting involved materially. When you are looking for a comprehensive course creation and learning management platform, Academy of Mine is the way to go. This means you can produce units or chapters, issue out assignments, quizzes, certificates, and badges. On top of that, it comes with a discussion forum and virtual/live classes.